Send Flowers to say Happy Birthday

So you just overheard a work colleague wishing another team member ‘Happy Birthday’. But you forgot to organise a gift for your friend. What to do? Run out at lunchtime for a quick shop? Offer them a quick hug and congratulations? Offer to shout the first round of drinks tonight after work? Another option is to log on to and select a bright and cheerful flower bouquet or boxed flower arrangement and have it delivered to the office by close of business. No worries!

Decorating a Church with Flowers

Have you considered brightening up a church with fresh flowers. The most common events held in a church where flowers can add some buzz are weddings & christenings. There are a few important considerations to make when organising flowers for these kind of celebrations.

Gerberas - The Smiling Flowers

Gerberas are one of the most popular cut flowers in the world. They are typically grown in hot houses and are available all year around. Gerberas are available in a large range of colours including shades of red, yellow, orange, pink, white and purple.

Melbourne florists full of flowers throughout Winter

Winter is not coming, it is already here. But fellow flower lovers, do not despair because there are so many flower varieties currently available in the Melbourne flower markets. These days with the advances in globalization and transport, well established fresh flower supply chains offer Melbournians an abundance of flowers to choose from.

Flower delivery to hospitals

When someone decides to send flowers to you it indicates that they are thinking about you and would like to offer their love and support. Imagine yourself lying in a hospital bed when a beautiful flower arrangement arrives to your room.  Instantly the room brightens up, a smile comes across your face and you think ‘things are improving for me’.  Flowers have that positive healing effect.  I’ve seen it hundreds of times when delivering flower arrangements to hospitals.

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