Flower Arrangements featuring Tulips

Tulips are such a graceful flower - they start as a tight little bud and each night grow a little longer and plumper, gradually displaying their inner beauty, simultaneously leaning over to take a bow - what a show!

Choosing the right flowers for any occasion

Some people believe that when sending flowers, it is primarily the thought that counts, the flower style is not so important. However we have noticed that for different occasions there is a pattern in people’s choices when choosing flower arrangements.

Choosing Flowers for an Anniversary Gift

Sending flowers to your partner, family member or friend to commemorate their anniversary is an intimate gesture which helps reminds them of special moments in their life. The choice of which flowers to select does not need to be a difficult one with these tips from an experienced Melbourne florist.


Corporations and organisations often conduct business events in large meeting spaces which can be brought to life with stunning fresh flower arrangements. Whether the space is the foyer of the office building, the desk in a company’s reception area or a reception venue hired for an EOFY celebration, the style of the floral decorations will largely depend on the venue, the audience and the occasion.

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