Popular Summer Wedding Bouquet Trends

Summer weddings and June brides will never go out of style. Summer weddings are the best because of the wide variety of fresh flowers available during this season. The summer is the season for flowers. This is when myriads of flowers grow the best. In fact, one popular trend on summer wedding is that couples choose local wildflowers and plants. It can also be at least flowers and plants that can get cultivated in a sustainable way.

Special Flowers for Wedding Anniversaries

Flowers are beautiful and are an important part of celebrating romantic events and anniversaries. Most men do everything in their power to get the right flowers for their dates, partners and lovers during wedding anniversaries, valentine and other events.

The Right Flowers for a Blissful Wedding Anniversary

It’s quite a task to get the right flowers for a blissful wedding anniversary. Which flower sends a great message to your partner? Flowers speak volumes about love and respect for your spouse. Choose the wrong flowers and you will spend 364 days making amends. Here are the main choices you need to select the right flowers.

The Best Contemporary Wedding Colour Scheme Ideas

Before organising some perfect ideas for your wedding colour palette, it might be helpful to understand the concept of a palette. A colour palette is used in wedding designs, interior decoration and even in website designs. It is simply defined as a range or selection of colours. The term is based from the paint container which holds the paints used by a painter while he works.

The Best Flowers for the Holiday Season

There are multiple holidays every year. And while most people prepare by buying and exchanging gifts or adorning their homes with various decorations, they forget about flowers which can add so much magic to any holiday.

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